TransParentingLearn Effective Parenting During Divorce

What is TransParenting?
TransParenting is an educational program designed to teach effective parenting during the transition of divorce or parental separation. It impresses upon parents the critical role they play in their child’s ability to adjust to the changes.

The seminar emphasizes each parent’s responsibility to provide a nurturing, non-threatening environment for the child. Topics include:

  • Feelings associated with divorce
  • Ways that children of different ages react during transition
  • A parenting approach that will benefit your children
  • Suggested ways for talking to children about divorce
  • Other adjustments children will need to make

The course is taught by professionals who have experience with children and who have been specially trained to teach this course. This is an educational program and not a counseling session. Parents will not be expected to discuss personal problems.

Why Do I Need to Attend?

The judges require all parents in cases of divorce, visitation, change of custody, and/or other domestic relations actions to complete this program. It is in the best interest of your children that you attend the program early in the proceedings so you can see divorce and family change through their eyes. Parenting during the transition of divorce and/or parental separation is challenging and this course discusses how to help your children through this difficult time.

Seminar Information

Plan to attend the VIRTUAL 4 hour seminar, which you have selected.

Upon making payment, each participant will receive a parent handbook.

A link to attend the class will be sent out within 24-48 prior to the scheduled class.

After attending the seminar, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.


Registration Information


Pre-registration is required. Just fill out the
registration form below, include your case number,
detach, and mail this form along with a $60 money
order (no personal checks) to: Family Focus, Inc. 660
Morthland Dr., Suite A, Valparaiso, IN 46385 at
least one week prior to class.

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You can pay IN PERSON at our Valpo office with money order or cash
up to through the day prior. This ensures that you receive your workbook.

Family Focus, Inc.
660 Morthland Dr. • Ste. A
Valparaiso, IN 46385

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For your convenience, you may also register and pay
online at through Humanitix: CLICK HERE

Children’s Rights During Separation & Divorce

I have the right…

  • To be told that my mother and my father will always love me.
  • To be told that the family break-up is not my fault.
  • To be seen as a human being not a piece of property to be fought for or bargained over.
  • To have decisions about me based on what is in my best interest and not on my parents’ hurt feelings or needs.
  • To love both my father and my mother without being forced to choose between them or made to feel guilty.
  • To know both my mother and my father through regular and frequent involvement in my life.
  • To have the financial support of both my mother and my father.
  • To be spared from hearing hurtful or negative comments about either of my parents.
  • To be a child and not asked to lie, spy or send messages between parents.
  • To be allowed to show affection for new people who come into my life without feeling guilty.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Pre-registration is required. If you prefer to pay in person with cash or money order ($60 money order -no personal checks) , please visit us at our administrative office at:
Family Focus, Inc.
660 Morthland Dr. • Ste. A
Valparaiso, IN 46385