TransParenting Schedule

What is TransParenting?
TransParenting is an educational program designed to teach effective parenting during the transition of divorce or parental separation. It impresses upon parents the critical role they play in their child’s ability to adjust to the changes.

TransParenting Class Schedule 2020

Valparaiso January 18 Saturday 9am -1pm Click here
Michigan City January 28 Tuesday 6pm- 10pm Click here
Michigan City February 15 Saturday 10am -2pm Click here
Valparaiso February 25 Tuesday 6pm-10pm Click here
Michigan City March 5 Thursday 6pm-10pm
Valparaiso March 21 Saturday 9am-1pm
Michigan City April 4 Saturday 10am -2pm
Valparaiso April 21 Tuesday 6pm-10pm
Valparaiso May 9 Saturday 9am-1pm
Michigan City May 21 Thursday 6pm-10pm
Valparaiso June 2 Tuesday 6pm-10pm
Michigan City June 20 Saturday 10am -2pm
Valparaiso July 11 Saturday 9am-1pm
Michigan City July 21 Tuesday 6pm-10pm
Valparaiso August 4 Tuesday 6pm-10pm
Michigan City August 22 Saturday 10am -2pm
Michigan City September 10 Thursday 6pm-10pm
Valparaiso September 26 Saturday 9am-1pm
Michigan City October 3 Saturday 10am -2pm
Valparaiso October 29 Thursday 6pm-10pm
Michigan City November 10 Tuesday 6pm-10pm
Valparaiso November 21 Saturday 9am-1pm
Valparaiso December 1 Tuesday 6pm-10pm
Michigan City December 19 Saturday 10am -2pm


Pre-registration is required. No walk-ins, Just fill out the registration form below, include your case number, detach, and mail this form along with a $50 money order (no checks)

Family Focus, Inc.
660 Morthland Dr. • Ste. A
Valparaiso, IN 46385

Valparaiso classes held at Porter County Jail (Sheriff’s) Department
Michigan City held at County Inn & Suites of Michigan City

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